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Hip Pocket Series

by Adam Kadmon


Practical and portable guides for the practicing musician, these slim, easy to carry books try to cover as much useful information as possible in a concise fashion. Each book is 41/4" x 11" and can easily fit into a back pocket, guitar case or gig bag.

The Major Scale
This book examines and teaches the elements and functions of Nature's favorite mode.
Covers: The Major Scale, Intervals, Chords, Modes, Relative Scales, Diatonic Scales, Patterns, All 12 Keys
  • 64 pages
  • HPB7
  • ISBN # 0-8258-4161-5

Pentatonics & Power Chords
The magic of popular guitar playing is examined by demonstrating the basic scales and chords that make rock n' roll what it is.
Covers: The Major Scale, The Pentatonics, Modes, All 12 Keys - major and minor pentatonic structures, Intervals, Inverted Fifths, Power Chords
  • 64 pages
  • HPB8
  • ISBN # 0-8258-4162-3

Quick Chords
This book is an easy and handy collection of almost 300 guitar chords and vertical formations used by professionals and beginners alike.
Covers: Major, Minor, Suspended, Diminished, Augmented, Sixths, Sevenths, Ninths, Elevenths, Thirteenths
  • 64 pages
  • HPB9
  • ISBN # 0-8258-4163-1

Progressions -- Make Your Own Songs, Make Your Own Hits
Patterned after the favorite Guitar Grimoire Chords and Progressions volume, this handy guide demonstrates many key sequencing and progressions laying a foundation for melodic invention.
Covers: The Major Scale, Diatonic Chords, Four Measure Progressions
  • 64 pages
  • HPB10
  • ISBN # 0-8258-4164-X

Alternate Guitar Tunings
A handy guide that can be used by professionals and beginners alike, this book contains a collection of 23 of the most utilized alternate guitar tunings. Plus, a bonus of odd-ball tunings. Alternate tunings are most commonly used for slide guitar, but Kadmon has included an introductory finger picking approach to show a broader perspective.
Covers: Drop D, C Spanish, Open E, Open E Minor, Open G, Open G Minor, Drop CG Lute Tuning, plus many more
  • 64 pages
  • HPB11
  • ISBN # 0-8258-4159-3

Keyboard Chords
Best selling author, Adam Kadmon, has created a highly graphic and easy to use encyclopedia of keyboard chords.
Includes: Easy keyboard diagrams of all chords for all keys; Over 350 chords from triads to 13th chords; Fingerings for all chords; Intervallic relationships
  • 64 pages
  • HPB12
  • ISBN # 0-8258-4166-6

Keyboard Progressions
A compendium of chord progessions featuring the most used sequences in popular, rock, country and jazz. Best selling author, Adam Kadmon, has created a significant resource for keyboard harmony and song structure.
Includes: Progressions in all keys; Scale and mode theory; Chord theory; Over 300 keyboard diagrams
  • 64 pages
  • HPB13
  • ISBN # 0-8258-4543-2